Ebtikar Arabia‘s business model is to provide its clients with services through its affiliations with very reputable international firms. We work with the world’s leading businesses, and organizations to deliver to our clients transformational change and new organizational models to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of their business.

Ebtikar Arabia is involved in almost every aspect of business today — from corporate responsibility and sustainability to sales and marketing. Read on each of our services below and learn how we can help your business.

A 'task' does not necessarily have to be called a 'project' in order for project management methods to be very useful in its planning and implementation. Even the smallest task can benefit from the use of a well-chosen project management technique or tool, especially in the planning stage.

Any task that requires some preparation to achieve a successful outcome, will probably be done better by using a few project management methods somewhere in the process. Project management methods can help in the planning and managing of all sorts of tasks, especially complex activities.

Ebtikar Arabia offers Project Management in the fields of :
Security & Defense
Real Estate
Food & Beverages

Consultancy is the practice of creating value for organisations and businesses, through improved performance, achieved by providing objective advice and implementing business solutions. We at Ebtikar Arabia play a key role to assist organisations and businesses further improve sustainable resource management.

With our strong international affiliation, Ebtikar Arabia can provide the perfect solution that best addresses the clients demand in the fields of Consumer Finance, Marketing, Finance, Management, Training and HR.

Ebtikar Arabia Consulting becomes part of your team to understand your business. We design key business strategies and craft practical solutions to match your unique needs. These solutions quickly drive the measurable results you require and help you achieve and sustain competitive advantage. Our management consultants objectively analyze the business operations, then develop and install programs that allow the business to focus on productivity and profit improvement.

Ebtikar Arabia offers Consultancy in the fields of :
Finance / Management
Industrial Projects
Communication, Navigating Change and Culture
Sales and Marketing
Insurance / Re-insurance

Technology has affected society and its surroundings in a number of ways. In many societies, technology has helped develop more advanced economies including today's global economy.

New trends in Software Technology and the complexity of IT landscapes lead to an increasing demand for IT consulting and Systems Integration in the market. Ebtikar Arabia provides integrated global IT services to support its client’s business performance. We offer flexible technology solutions to meet client challenges. Our technology is designed specifically for our clients to increase their efficiency, profitability, quality and security to the right level, while reducing operational costs.

Through its strong international affiliation with comprehensive and broad-based IT solution and software expertise , Ebtikar Arabia can provide the perfect lending solution in the software technology that best addresses the clients demand to open up new business sectors with IT solutions and ensure that the IT infrastructure provides optimal support for the business processes.

Ebtikar Arabia offers the following IT solutions:
Development and implementation of IT strategy
Process re-engineering and automation
Workflow and service delivery optimization
Full suite lending solution
IT Governance
Developing products and services strategy

Ebtikar Arabia offers the following Consumner Finance Solutions:
Development of policies and procedures
Compliance with regulator requirements
Product Programs Development Packages
Business Operation Packages

We work collaboratively with our clients to identify critical issues impacting their business. This approach allows us to deliver solutions unique to their needs. We will assist our clients in implementating the chosen measures to achieve their business outcomes.

We provide our services to Large Corporates, SMEs and Public Sectors in the areas of Business Support, Employment Solutions, Skills Development and Entrepreneurial Support. Our international partner is accredited by a recognized international accreditation entity.

Buying a franchise can be a very successful investment. However, it is essential to have a thoroughly research on the franchise industry prior moving forward.

The obvious advantage for a franchisee is that they are able to use a well-established and proven business model, including the brand name, the branding, the marketing and advertising, the price structure and so on, in order to run their own business and generate their own profits. A large amount of risk is therefore eliminated.

We at Ebtikar Arabia are dedicated to providing our clients with comprehensive business solution including the indicated business model, in which protect and market the franchisor’s brand as well as strengthen its value proposition.

We consider our core role among the wide range services that we offer can be resembled in sourcing potential key players through our strong network in multiple fields regionally and globally, upon determining market and involved parties’ needs. Our services are extended to counseling and guidance services towards establishing a profitable business relationship.